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Enkomputiligis Darold Booton


lia vivo kaj strangaj, mirindegaj aventuroj

verkita de Daniel Defoe tradukis en 1908 Pastro A. Krafft


         The telegraph and telephone have made of the world a whispering gallery. Steam and electric traction have annihilated space. The scattered human race yet remains a strangely misunderstood family. Within one hour the report of a momentous event may be shot through 500 languages and as many more dialects; but convene a thousand representative dissimilar one-speech people and all becomes Babel if not Pandemonium. Impossible, indeed, for each to learn the language of the thousand; but how small a matter for all to learn a common second language if such a language can be produced.

         And it has been produced: Esperanto has been born a composite of the pith of all language; precise, learnable at sight and almost grammarless.

         This Esperanto Classic, “Robinsono Kruso,” is somewhat of an achievement for American enterprise as it is the first of its size and kind yet published here. It has been undertaken with zeal and wrought out according to ability. The original translation was made by the highly esteemed Rev. A. Krafft. Other friends and supporters are:

William D. Chandler, “Ĉefmonhelpanto.”
Prof. E. V. Huntington, Harvard University.
Prof. D. O. S. Lowell, Roxbury Latin School.
Mr. Edwin D. Mead, Peace Movement.
Mrs. Dr. N. E. Wood, Newton Theol. Sem.
Kambriĝa Klubo.
J. M. Connolly, M. D.
Mr. W. L. Church.
Mr. G. W. Lee.
Dr. W. G. Nowell.
Mr. L. B. Luders.

         Trusting that this book will find favor and meet reasonably the expectations of the “Esperantistaro de Ameriko kaj tutmondo,” we heartily submit it to the entire reading world.